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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 32:1 - 32:1

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Jacob Fears to Meet Esau

Gen 32:1-12

Before we encounter our Esaus we are sure to meet God’s angels. If only our eyes are not holden we shall perceive them. The world is full of angel help! There are more for us than against us! The Captain of the Lord’s hosts is as near us as He was to Joshua, and His squadrons await our cry. “Thinkest thou,” said our Lord, “that I cannot beseech my Father, and He shall even now send more than twelve legions of angels!” In times of trial we betake ourselves to God, and are justified in claiming His protection, so long as we can show that we are on His plan and doing His will. It was the news brought by his messengers of Esau’s approach that elicited from Jacob this marvelous prayer; but his prayer did not prevent him making what plans he could for the safety of his dear ones.