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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 34:18 - 34:18

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Jacob’s Sons Spoil the Shechemites

Gen 34:18-31

It is not easy to steer our family life amid the rocks and quicksands of present-day worldliness; but we shall not prosper by using the world’s weapons of duplicity and craft. The true way is to make our homes so attractive that our children will not be tempted to court the alliances that are offered by those whose only portion is in this life. Our Ruths would not leave our fields if we dropped more handfuls on purpose for them. The treachery of these two brethren was absolutely inexcusable. On his dying-bed Jacob reverted to it, and pronounced their scattering in Israel. Though Levi undid that curse by his obedience and devotion, Simeon seems to have made no effort in that direction, and soon became as water absorbed by the desert-sands. But see Rev 7:7. What an awful thing it is when our conduct is such as to make religion offensive to those who observe our behavior, Gen 34:30.