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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 39:1 - 39:1

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Joseph in Potiphar’s House

Gen 39:1-18

Ungodly families and employers owe more than they realize to the presence in their homes and businesses of those who love God; for God comes with His servants. See Gen 39:2; Gen 39:21; Gen 39:23, and Act 7:9. But those who would enjoy that accompanying Presence must resist and overcome the appeals of the flesh. Days of outward prosperity are those in which we are most keenly tempted. The most venomous serpents coil in the damp heat of tropical forests. When temptation and opportunity meet, our case is hard indeed. At such times only God’s grace can hold us back. As temptation presents itself again and again, it gives us opportunities of continued growth in strength and grace. Joseph had probably wrought out his noble answer in his own secret heart, and had lived by it, weeks before he flashed it forth. In the critical hour the mouth blurts out what the heart has been meditating. They who can rule themselves will be presently trusted to rule others.