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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 40:9 - 40:9

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Joseph Interprets Two Dreams

Gen 40:9-23

Joseph as an interpreter was among a thousand. Because his pure heart was open to God, he could unriddle the mysteries of human life. Very often those who walk with God can solve and explain the dark riddles of human life for the less enlightened. Joseph was keenly alive to God’s presence. It filled the prison with glory. He knew that thence must come all their hope and expectation; and God was “in the shadow, keeping watch above His own.” He was contriving and superintending the chain of events which were to set His young servant on the throne. Man had despised and rejected him, but God had already prepared for him a position of honor and usefulness, to which his ministry to these men was as rungs in the upward ladder. Do not neglect small acts of ministry. Faithfulness in the very little leads to the throne-life. The butler’s forgetfulness reminds us of our shameful forgetfulness of the Redeemer, who has brought us up out of the pit, and redeemed us with precious blood. Yet He said: “This do in remembrance of me.”