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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 44:18 - 44:18

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Judah Pleads for Benjamin

Gen 44:18-34

No portion in Genesis could be more suitable for Good Friday. Judah’s proposal to give himself instead of Benjamin reminds us of Him who freely gave Himself up for us all. It was with such love, but of infinite intensity, that Christ loved us. In Judah’s words we find the loftiest type of pleading which man has ever put forth for man. It is extraordinary to get this glimpse of the strong and noble emotions that slumber in hearts where we should least expect them! But these words are poor and cold compared with those that Jesus utters on our behalf. It must have required extraordinary self-command on Joseph’s part to make his brethren suffer thus. But he dared to enforce it, because he knew the goal they were approaching. Christ often turns aside to hide His sorrow at our griefs, which are the necessary pathway to where all tears are wiped away.