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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 6:1 - 6:1

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the Wickedness of Men

Gen 5:25-32; Gen 6:1-8

When a son was born to Lamech, he named him Noah, which means “Rest.”He thought that the boy would grow up to share and alleviate the strain of daily toil. But his hope was premature: rest was not yet: the Deluge would soon sweep over the works of men. The world must await the true Rest-giver, who said, “Come unto Me.” It was an age of abounding wickedness, but the language describing it is obscure. Some think that “the sons of God” were fallen angels; others that the seed of Seth became joined in marriage with the daughters of Cain. But God’s Spirit strove with man, and though a limit was put to His pleadings, yet He sought men with yearning remonstrance, till His Holy Spirit received the final negative and turned away disappointed and grieved. There was considerable delay. For 120 years the Spirit of God waited. See 1Pe 3:20. He will not wait for ever, Luk 13:9.