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Through the Bible Day by Day - Genesis 7:1 - 7:1

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the Great Flood

Gen 7:1-24

What anguish! They climbed the highest story of their towers, then to the hills, but the greedy waters followed them, till the last crag was covered, and all living things in the first homes of human life had perished. Equally sudden and unexpected shall be the days of the Son of Man. See Luk 17:26; 2Pe 3:7. But what drowns other men only lifts the child of God nearer his home. The waters bear up the ark. When the loftiest refuges of lies and pride are submerged, and the whole landscape is covered with a monotonous waste of trouble, God says to the soul, “Come into the ark.” It is as though He is inside and wants us to enter into close fellowship with Himself. See Psa 27:5. When God shuts the door behind us, no power can force, no skeleton key can unlock, and no wedge can pry the door. For the extent of the Deluge it is appropriate to consider Luk 2:1-3.