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Through the Bible Day by Day - Joshua 2:15 - 2:15

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the Escape and Report of the Spies

Jos 2:15-24

Rahab’s trust in the promise of the spies, and in the efficacy of the scarlet line around her window is a striking type of the faith that relies on the promise of God, that those who are united with Christ shall be saved in this world and the next. Her faith was not the result of impulse, but of a considerate review of the story of the Exodus. Would you have faith, soak your soul in the fact and teachings of Christ.

Note the strict conditions exacted by the spies as to the extent of their responsibility. Amid the general destruction, only those sheltered in the precincts of Rahab’s house would escape. To be outside, though related to her, would not avail. So the great salvation of Jesus is available only to those who are found “in Him,” having upon them the divine righteousness, Php 3:9.