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Through the Bible Day by Day - Joshua 5:1 - 5:1

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Renewing the Covenant with God

Jos 5:1-12

Evidently the people of Canaan realized that they were entering into conflict with God Almighty. This made their bitter resistance less excusable. But before Israel could go forward into the campaign, they must undergo that initial rite which from the days of Abraham had separated them unto God, Gen 17:1-27. The outbreak at Kadesh had practically annulled that relationship, which now must be renewed, Num 14:1-45.

Before we can serve God’s high purposes in the world, we must be separated from sin. The old nature must be denied and put away, and the new nature, which is holy, harmless and separate from sin, must become ours. Nothing but death can meet the case, Col 2:11; 2Co 7:1.

The circumcised soul alone may eat of the Passover, which is Christ. We need to feed on Him, keeping the daily feast with joy, 1Co 5:7-8; Joh 6:51; Joh 6:54.