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Through the Bible Day by Day - Nahum 1:1 - 1:1

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God’s Goodness and Righteous Anger

Nah 1:1-15

The native city of Nahum was Elkosh, near the Lake of Galilee. The name Capernaum means literally “the village of Nahum.” He lived about 150 years after Jonah, who also had been especially concerned with the sins and doom of Nineveh. Though as a Jew he must have dreaded Nineveh, which had already carried Samaria into captivity and was now menacing Jerusalem, he accounted its fate a grievous burden-“the burden of Nineveh.” We must never speak of the doom of the ungodly, save from a broken heart.

Nah 1:1-8 forms a magnificent preamble combining the goodness and severity of God. His dealings with mankind are wrapped in mystery, but He is good and the stronghold of His saints. In Nah 1:9-15 we see how mad Assyria was to enter into conflict with Jehovah. The fate of thorns in fiercely burning flame is the emblem of their doom. Compare Nah 1:14 with Isa 37:38. When the hour of anguish is past, let us not forget to pay our vows.