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Through the Bible Day by Day - Nehemiah 2:1 - 2:1

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a Patriot’s Self-Sacrifice

Neh 2:1-11

The seventh month answers to our March or April, so that four months had passed since Nehemiah had set himself to special prayer. Between the king’s second question and Nehemiah’s answer, the simple-hearted cup-bearer found time to pray to the God of heaven. Then, with the assurance that God was with him, he did not scruple to ask great things: that he might be sent to the city of his fathers to build it, and that he might receive all the materials necessary for its construction. But he is careful to record that his requests were granted, not by the clemency of the king, but according to the good hand of God. Do we recognize that good hand enough? We get glimpses here into the inner workings of this man’s heart. He felt that God had put His holy purpose there. He did not hesitate to confess this to the Jews and amid the opposition and scorn of their foes; he strengthened himself in his God, sure that He would not have brought him so far to put him to shame. Be sure you are on God’s side, and nothing will be impossible to you.