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Through the Bible Day by Day - Philemon 1:15 - 1:15

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To Be Received as a Brother

Phm 1:15-25

The Apostle’s pleas for the restoration of Onesimus to his old trusted position in the household of Philemon are very touching. He suggests, first, that there may have been a divine purpose in it all, and that the former’s flight had been permitted as a step in the entire renovation of the slave’s nature. And, therefore, because Philemon and Onesimus were two Christians, their relationship had been transformed. “In the flesh, Philemon has the brother for his slave; in the Lord, Philemon has the slave for his brother.” Then in Phm 1:17 Paul identifies himself with Onesimus; and we are taught to think of our Lord identifying Himself with us, because, as Luther says, “we are all Onesimuses.” Further, in Phm 1:18 Paul offers to assume all the losses which Onesimus had brought on Philemon, and signs the bond with his autograph, as our Lord paid the great ransom price for us all. Finally, Paul delicately reminds his friend, in Phm 1:19, that Philemon owed him a great deal more than a trifle of money, namely, his spiritual life. Does not our Lord address us in similar terms? We surely owe ourselves to Him!

Owing to the brevity of this Epistle Review Questions are omitted.