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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 1:1 - 1:1

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Simon Peter

Note the addition of Simon, and see on 1Pe 1:1. The best-attested orthography is Symeon, which is the form of his name in Act 15:14, where the account probably came from him. This also is the Hebraic form of the name found in the Septuagint, Genesis 29:33, and elsewhere. Compare Rev 7:7; Luk 2:25, Luk 2:34; Luk 3:30; Act 13:1. The combined name, Simon Peter, is found Luk 5:8; Joh 13:6; Joh 20:2; Joh 21:15, and elsewhere, though in these instances it is given as Simon; Symeon occurring only in Act 15:14. While his name is given with greater familiarity than in the first epistle, his official title, servant and apostle, is fuller. This combination, servant and apostle, occurs in no other apostolic salutation. The nearest approach to it is Tit 1:1.

Of Jesus Christ

The word Christ never occurs in the second epistle without Jesus; and only in this instance without some predicate, such as Lord, Saviour.

To them that have obtained (τοῖς λαχοῦσιν)

Lit., obtained by lot. So Luk 1:9; Joh 19:24. In the sense which it has here it is used by Peter (Act 1:17) of Judas, who had obtained part of this ministry. In this sense it occurs only in that passage and here.

Like precious (ἰσότιμον)

Only here in New Testament. The word should be written like precious. Compare precious in 1Pe 1:7, 1Pe 1:19; 1Pe 2:4, 1Pe 2:6, 1Pe 2:7. Not the same in measure to all, but having an equal value and honor to those who receive it, as admitting them to the same Christian privileges.

With us

Most probably the Jewish Christians, of whom Peter was one. Professor Salmond remarks, “There is much to show how alien it was to primitive Christian thought to regard Gentile Christians as occupying in grace the self-same platform with Christians gathered out of the ancient church of God.” See Act 11:17; Act 15:9-11.


Frequently applied to Christ in this epistle, but never in the first.