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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 1:12 - 1:12

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I will not be negligent

The A. V. follows the reading οὐκ ἀμελήσω, which it renders correctly. The better reading, however, is μελλήσω I intend, or, as often in classical Greek, with a sense of certainty - I shall be sure, which Rev. adopts, rendering I shall be ready. The formula occurs in but one other passage, Mat 24:6, where it is translated by the simple future, ye shall hear, with an implied sense, as ye surely will hear.

Ye know (εἰδότας)

Lit., knowing. Compare 1Pe 1:18.

Established (ἐτηριγμένους)

See on 1Pe 5:10. Perhaps the exhortation, “strengthen thy brethren,” may account for his repeated use of this word and its derivatives. Thus, unstable (ἀστήρικτοι); steadfastness (στηριγμοῦ), 2Pe 3:16, 2Pe 3:17.

In the present truth (ἐν τῇ παρούσῃ ἀληθείᾳ)

i.e., the truth which is present with you through the instruction of your teachers; not the truth at present under consideration. See on 2Pe 1:9; and compare the same phrase in Col 1:6, rendered, is come unto you.