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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 1:18 - 1:18

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Voice (φωνὴν)

Note the same word in the account of Pentecost (Act 2:6), where the A. V. obscures the meaning by rendering, when this was noised abroad; whereas it should be when this voice was heard.

Which came (ἐνεχθεῖσαν)

Lit., having been borne. See on 2Pe 1:17. Rev., This voice we ourselves (ἡμεῖς, we, emphatic) heard come (better, borne) out of heaven.

Holy mount

It is scarcely necessary to notice Davidson's remark that this expression points to a time when superstitious reverence for places had sprung up in Palestine. “Of all places to which special sanctity would be ascribed by Christ's followers, surely that would be the first to be so marked where the most solemn testimony was given to the divinity of Jesus. To the Jewish Christian this would rank with Sinai, and no name would be more fitly applied to it than that which had so constantly been given to a place on which God first revealed himself in his glory. The 'holy mount of God' (Eze 28:14 :) would now receive another application, and he would see little of the true continuity of God's revelation who did not connect readily the old and the new covenants, and give to the place where the glory of Christ was most eminently shown forth the same name which was applied so oft to Sinai” (Lumby).