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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 1:4 - 1:4

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Whereby (δἰ ὧν)

Lit., through which; viz., his glory and virtue. Note the three occurrences of διά, through, in 2Pe 1:3, 2Pe 1:4.

Are given (δεδώρηται)

Middle voice; not passive, as A. V. Hence Rev., correctly, he hath granted. See on 2Pe 1:3.

Exceeding great and precious promises

Rev., his exceeding great, etc., by way of rendering the definite article, τὰ.

Precious (τίμια)

The word occurs fourteen times in the New Testament. In eight instances it is used of material things, as stones, fruit, wood. In Peter it occurs three times: 1Pe 1:7, of tried faith; 1Pe 1:19, of the blood of Christ; and here, of God's promises.

Promises (ἐπαγγέλματα)

Only in this epistle. In classical Greek the distinction is made between ἐπαγγέλματα, promises voluntarily or spontaneously made, and ὑποσχέσεις, promises made in response to a petition.

Might be partakers (γένησθε κοινωνοὶ)

Rev., more correctly, may become, conveying the idea of a growth. See note on κοινωνὸς, partaker, 1Pe 5:1; and compare Heb 12:10.

Having escaped (ἀποφυγόντες)

Only in this epistle. To escape by flight.

Through lust (ἐμ ἐπιθυμίᾳ)

Rev. renders by lust, as the instrument of the corruption. Others, in lust, as the sphere of the corruption, or as that in which it is grounded.