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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 2:14 - 2:14

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Another illustration of Peter's emphasis on sight. It is the instrument of evil no less than of good. Compare Mat 5:28.

Adultery (μοιχαλίδος)

Lit., an adulteress, but used as an adjective Mat 12:39; Mat 16:4.

That cannot cease (ἀκαταπαύστους)

Only here, in New Testament. Compare hath ceased (1Pe 4:1).

Beguiling (δελεάζοντες)

Only here, 2Pe 2:18, and Jam 1:14. From δέλεαρ, a bait. An appropriate word from Peter the fisherman. Rev., enticing.

Unstable (ἀστηρίκτους)

A compound of the word at 1Pe 5:10, stablish. See note there, and see on 2Pe 1:12.

An heart they have exercised (καρδίαν γεγυμνασμένην ἔχοντες)

The A. V. is awkward. Better, Rev., having a heart exercised. Exercised is the word used for gymnastic training, from which gymnastic is derived.

With covetous practices

The A. V. follows the old reading, πλεονεξίαις. The best texts read πλεονεξίας, covetousness. Rev., therefore, rightly, in covetousness.

Cursed children (κατάρας τέκνα)

Lit., children of cursing; and so Rev. See on Mar 3:17, and 1Pe 1:14.