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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 2:17 - 2:17

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Wells (πηγαὶ)

Better, as Rev., springs; yet the Rev. has retained well at Joh 4:14, where the change would have given more vividness to Christ's metaphor, which is that of an ever upleaping, living fountain.

Without water

As so often in the East, where the verdure excites the traveller's hope of water. Compare Jer 2:13, and the contrast presented in Isa 58:11; Pro 10:11; Pro 13:14.


The A. V. has followed the Tex. Rec., νεφέλαι, as in Jud 1:12. The correct reading is ὁμίχλαι, mists, found only here in New Testament. So Rev.

With a tempest (ὑπὸ λαίλαπος)

Rev., by a storm. The word occurs only twice elsewhere - Mar 4:37; Luk 7:23 - in the parallel accounts of the storm on the lake, which Jesus calmed by his word. There on the lake Peter was at home, as well as with the Lord on that occasion; and the peculiar word describing a whirlwind - one of those sudden storms so frequent on that lake (see note on the word, Mar 4:37) - would be the first to occur to him. Compare Paul's similar figure, Eph 4:14.

Blackness (ζόφος)

See on 2Pe 2:4, and compare Jud 1:13.

Of darkness (τοῦ σκότους)

Lit., the darkness, denoting a well-understood doom.

Is reserved (τετήρηται)

Lit., hath been reserved, as Rev. See on 1Pe 1:4; and 2Pe 2:4.


The best texts omit.