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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 2:3 - 2:3

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Through covetousness (ἐν πλεοεξίᾳ)

Lit., in covetousness; denoting the element or sphere in which the evil is wrought.

Feigned (πλαστοῖς)

Only here in New Testament. From πλάσσω, to mould, as in clay or wax. The idea is, therefore, of words moulded at will to suit their vain imaginations.

Make merchandise (ἐμπορεύσονται)

Only here and Jam 4:13. Compare Jud 1:16, for the sake of advantage; their glory being in having a multitude of followers.

Judgment (κρίμα)

Rev., sentence. So, commonly, in New Testament; the process or act of judging being expressed by κρίσις.

Of a long time (ἔκπαλαι)

Rev., better, from of old, bringing out thus more sharply the force of ἐκ. Only here and 2Pe 3:5. Construe with lingereth.

Lingereth (ἀργεῖ)

Only here in New Testament. Compare on the kindred adjective idle, 2Pe 1:8. There is a graphic picture in the sentence. The judgment is not idle. It is “represented as a living thing, awake and expectant. Long ago that judgment started on its destroying path, and the fate of sinning angels, and the deluge, and the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah were but incidental illustrations of its power; nor has it ever since lingered....It advances still, strong and vigilant as when first it sprang from the bosom of God, and will not fail to reach the mark to which it was pointed from of old” (Salmond and Lillie).

Damnation (ἀπώλεια)

More literally, Rev., destruction. The word occurs three times in 2Pe 2:1.

Slumbereth (νυστάζει).

See on Mat 25:5, the only other passage where it occurs.