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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Peter 2:9 - 2:9

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Godly (εὐσεβεῖς)

Used by Peter only. Compare Act 10:2, Act 10:7. The reading at Act 22:12, is εὐλαβής, devout. See on 2Pe 1:3.

Temptation (πειρασμοῦ)

See on 1Pe 1:6.

To reserve (τηρεῖν)

See on 1Pe 1:4. Rev., keep, is not an improvement.

To be punished (κολαζομένους)

Only here and Act 4:21, where the narrative probably came from Peter. The participle here is, lit., being punished, and therefore the A. V. is wrong. Rev., rightly, under punishment. Compare Mat 25:46.