Vincent Word Studies - 2 Timothy 4:10 - 4:10

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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Timothy 4:10 - 4:10

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A contraction of Demetrius or Demarchus. He is mentioned Col 4:13 and Phm 1:24. It is supposed that he was a Thessalonian. On leaving Paul he went to Thessalonica; and in Philemon his name is mentioned next to that of Aristarchus the Thessalonian. That no epithet is attached to his name in Col 4:14 (comp. “Luke the beloved physician”) may be a shadow of Demas's behavior mentioned here, in case Colossians was written later than 2nd Timothy.

Hath forsaken (ἐγκατέλειπεν)

In Pastorals here and 2Ti 4:16. See on 2Co 4:9. The compounded preposition ἐν indicates a condition or circumstances in which one has been left, as the common phrase left in the lurch. Comp. Germ. im Stiche.

Having loved (ἀγαπήσας)

The participle is explanatory, because he loved.

This present world (τὸν νῦν αἰῶνα)

See on 1Ti 6:17. Contrast love his appearing, 2Ti 4:8.

Crescens (Κρήσκης)

N.T.o. Unknown.

Galatia (Γαλατίαν)

Most probably Galatia. See Introd. to Galatians. Eusebius (H. E. iii. 4) says: “Paul testifies that Crescens was sent to Gaul (Γαλλίαν).” Tischendorf adopts this reading.

Dalmatia (Δαλματίαν)

Part of the country known generally as Illyricum, along the eastern coast of the Adriatic. See Rom 15:19.