Vincent Word Studies - 2 Timothy 4:6 - 4:6

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Vincent Word Studies - 2 Timothy 4:6 - 4:6

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For I am now ready to be offered (ἐγὼ γὰρ ἤδη σπένδομαι)

I, emphatic contrast with σὺ thou, 2Ti 4:5. Already. What he is now suffering is the beginning of the end. Σπένδεσθαι to be poured out as a libation, only here and Phi 2:17 (note). In the active voice quite often in lxx.

Departure (ἀναλύσεως)

N.T.o. olxx. Comp. ἀναλῦσαι to depart, Phi 1:23. The figure is explained by some of loosing a ship from its moorings; by others of breaking camp. In Philippians the latter is the more probable explanation, because Paul's situation in the custody of the Praetorians at Rome would naturally suggest a military metaphor, and because he is habitually sparing of nautical metaphors. Comp. 2Co 5:1, and Clement of Rome, ad Corinth. xliv: “Blessed are the presbyters who have gone before, seeing that their departure (ἀνάλυσιν) was fruitful and ripe.”