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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 1:14 - 1:14

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Redemption (ἀπολύτρωσιν)

See on Rom 3:24. Continuing the image of an enslaved and ransomed people. Omit through His blood.

Forgiveness (ἄφεσιν)

See on remission, Rom 3:25; see on forgiven, Jam 5:15. Forgiveness defines redemption. Lightfoot's suggestion is very interesting that this precise definition may convey an allusion to the perversion of the term ἀπολύτρωσις by the Gnostics of a later age, and which was possibly foreshadowed in the teaching of the Colossian heretics. The Gnostics used it to signify the result of initiation into certain mysteries. Lightfoot quotes from Irenaeus the baptismal formula of the Marcosians “into unity and redemption (ἀπολύτρωσιν) and communion of powers.” The idea of a redemption of the world, and (in a perverted form) of the person and work of Christ as having part in it, distinctively marked the Gnostic schools. That from which the world was redeemed, however; was not sin, in the proper sense of the term, but something inherent in the constitution of the world itself, and therefore due to its Creator.

In the following passage the person of Christ is defined as related to God and to creation; and absolute supremacy is claimed for Him. See Introduction to this volume, and compare Eph 1:20-23, and Phi 2:6-11.