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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 1:22 - 1:22

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Body of His flesh

Which consisted of flesh; without which there could have been no death (see next clause).

To present (παραστῆσαι)

Purpose of the reconciliation. Compare Rom 8:30. See on shewed himself, Act 1:3. Compare Rom 12:1, where it is used of presenting a sacrifice.

Holy, unblamable, unreprovable (ἁγίους, ἀμώμους, ἀνεγκλήτους)

Holy, see on saints, Act 26:10; see on Rev 3:7. The fundamental idea of the word is separation unto God and from worldly defilement. Unblamable, Rev. much better, without blemish. Compare Eph 1:4; Eph 5:27; and see on 1Pe 1:19, and see on blemishes, 2Pe 2:13. Unreprovable, not only actually free from blemish, but from the charge of it. See on 1Co 1:8, and compare 1Ti 6:14.

In His sight (κατεώπιον αὐοτῦ)

Rev., before Him. Him refers to God, not Christ. Whether the reference is to God's future judgment or to His present approval, can hardly be determined by the almost unexceptional usage of κατενώπιον before, in the latter sense, as is unquestionably the case in Eph 1:4. The simple ἐνώπιον before, is used in the former sense, Luk 12:9. Ἔμπροσθεν before, occurs in both senses. The reference to the future judgment seems the more natural as marking the consummation of the redemptive work described in Col 1:20-22. Compare 1Th 3:13, and Eph 5:27, which corresponds with the figure of the bride, the Lamb's wife, in Rev 21:9 sqq. This view is further warranted by the following words, if ye continue, etc., the final presentation being dependent on steadfastness.