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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 1:23 - 1:23

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Continue in the faith (ἐπιμένετε τῇ πίστει)

The verb means to stay at or with (ἐπί). So Phi 1:24, to abide by the flesh. See on Rom 6:1. The faith is not the gospel system (see on Act 6:7), but the Colossians' faith in Christ. Your faith would be better.

Grounded and settled (τεθελεωμένοι καὶ ἑδραῖοι)

For grounded, see on settle, 1Pe 5:10; compare Luk 6:48, Luk 6:49; Eph 3:17. Settled, from ἕδρα a seat. Rev., steadfast. See 1Co 7:37; 1Co 15:58, the only other passages where it occurs. Compare ἑδραίωμα ground, 1Ti 3:15. Bengel says: “The former is metaphorical, the latter more literal. The one implies greater respect to the foundation by which believers are supported; but settled suggests inward strength which believers themselves possess.”

Moved away (μετακινούμενοι)

The present participle signifying continual shifting. Compare 1Co 15:58.

To every creature (ἐν πάσῃ κτίσει)

Rev, correctly, in all creation. See on 2Co 5:17, and compare Col 1:15.