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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 1:28 - 1:28

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Warning (νουθετοῦντες)

Rev., admonishing. See on Act 20:31. Compare νουθεσίᾳ admonition, Eph 6:4.


Thrice repeated, in order to emphasize the universality of the Gospel against the intellectual exclusiveness encouraged by the false teachers. For similar emphatic repetitions of all or every, compare 1Co 10:1, 1Co 10:2; 1Co 12:13; Rom 9:6, Rom 9:7; Rom 11:32, etc.

In all wisdom (ἐν πάσῃ σοφίᾳ)

In every form of wisdom. Thus opposed to the idea of esoteric and exoteric wisdom represented by the false teachers; higher knowledge for the few philosophic minds, and blind faith for the masses. In christian teaching the highest wisdom is freely open to all. Compare Col 2:2, Col 2:3.


Compare 1Co 2:6, 1Co 2:7, and see note. There may be in this word a hint of its use in the ancient mysteries to designate the fully instructed as distinguished from the novices. Peter uses the technical word ἐπόπται eye-witnesses, which designated one admitted to the highest grade in the Eleusinian mysteries, of those who beheld Christ's glory in His transfiguration, 2Pe 1:16. From this point of view Bishop Lightfoot appropriately says: “The language of the heathen mysteries is transferred by Paul to the christian dispensation, that he may the more effectively contrast the things signified. The true Gospel also has its mysteries, its hierophants, its initiation; but these are open to all alike. In Christ every believer is τέλειος fully initiated, for he has been admitted as ἐπόπτης eye-witness of its most profound, most awful secrets.”