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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 2:11 - 2:11

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Not made with hands

Compare Mar 14:58; 2Co 5:1. In allusion to the literal circumcision insisted on by the false teachers.

In the putting off (ἐν τῇ ἀπεκδύσει)

Only here in the New Testament; and the kindred verb ἀπεκδύομαι to put off only Col 2:15 and Col 3:9. The verb ἐκδύομαι means to strip off from one's self, as clothes or armor; ἐκ out of, having the force of getting out of one's garments. By the addition to the verb of ἀπό from, there is added to the idea of getting out of one's clothes that of getting away from them; so that the word is a strong expression for wholly putting away from one's self. In the putting off, is in the act or process of. Not by.

The body of the sins of the flesh (τοῦ σώματος τῶν ἁμαρτιῶν τῆς σαρκὸς)

Omit of the sins. The body of the flesh (compare on Col 1:22) is the body which consists of the flesh, flesh having its moral sense of that material part which is the seat and organ of sin, “the flesh with its passions and lusts” (Gal 5:24; compare 1Jo 2:16). See on Col 1:24. For the distinction between σῶμα body and σάρξ flesh, see on flesh, Rom 7:5, sec. 3.

In the circumcision of Christ (ἐν τῇ περιτομῇ τοῦ Χριστοῦ)

The spiritual circumcision effected through Christ. See Eph 2:11; Phi 3:3; Rom 2:29. In, as above. The fleshly circumcision removed only a portion of the body. In spiritual circumcision, through Christ, the whole corrupt, carnal nature is put away like a garment which is taken off and laid aside.