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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 2:16 - 2:16

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Conclusion from the canceling of the bond. The allusions which follow (Col 2:16-19) are to the practical and theoretical forms of the Colossian error, as in Col 2:9-15; excessive ritualism, asceticism, and angelic mediation.

Judge (κρινέτω)

Sit in judgment.

Meat - drink (βρώσει - πόσει)

Properly, eating, drinking, as 1Co 8:4; but the nouns are also used for that which is eaten or drunk, as Joh 4:32 (see note); Joh 6:27, Joh 6:55; Rom 14:17. For the subject-matter compare Rom 14:17; 1Co 8:8; Heb 9:10, and note on Mar 7:19. The Mosaic law contained very few provisions concerning drinks. See Lev 10:9; Lev 11:34, Lev 11:36; Num 6:3. Hence it is probable that the false teachers had extended the prohibitions as to the use of wine to all Christians. The Essenes abjured both wine and animal food.

In respect (ἐν μέρει)

See on 2Co 3:10. Lit., in the division or category.

Holyday (ἑορτῆς)

Festival or feast-day. The annual festivals. The word holyday is used in its earlier sense of a sacred day.

New moon (νουμηνίας)

Only here in the New Testament. The monthly festivals. The festival of the new moon is placed beside the Sabbath, Isa 1:13; Eze 46:1. The day was celebrated by blowing of trumpets, special sacrifices, feasting, and religious instruction. Labor was suspended, and no national or private fasts were permitted to take place. The authorities were at great pains to fix accurately the commencement of the month denoted by the appearance of the new moon. Messengers were placed on commanding heights to watch the sky, and as soon as the new moon appeared, they hastened to communicate it to the synod, being allowed even to travel on the Sabbath for this purpose. The witnesses were assembled and examined, and when the judges were satisfied the president pronounced the words it is sanctified, and the day was declared new moon.

Sabbath days (σαββάτων)

The weekly festivals. Rev., correctly, day, the plural being used for the singular. See on Luk 4:31; see on Act 20:7. The plural is only once used in the New Testament of more than a single day (Act 17:2). The same enumeration of sacred seasons occurs 1Ch 23:31; 2Ch 2:4; 2Ch 31:3; Eze 45:17; Hos 2:11.