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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 2:19 - 2:19

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Holding the head (κρατῶν τὴν κεφαλήν)

Holding by or fast, as commonly in the New Testament. Compare Sophocles: “If thou art to rule (ἄρξεις) this land, even as thou holdest it (κρατεῖς “Oedipus Tyrannus,” 54). The head, Christ as contrasted with the angelic mediators.

From whom (ἐξ οὗ)

Fixing the personal reference of the head to Christ. Compare Eph 4:16.

By joints and bands (διὰ τῶν ἁφῶν καὶ συνδέσμων)

Joints (ἁφῶν) only here and Eph 4:16. The word means primarily touching, and is used in classical Greek of the touch upon harpstrings, or the grip of a wrestler. Not quite the same as joints in the sense of the parts in contact, but the relations between the adjacent parts. The actual connection is expressed by bands or ligaments.

Ministered (ἐπιχορηγουμένον)

See on add, 2Pe 1:5. Rev., supplied.

Knit together

See on Col 2:2. “The discoveries of modern physiology have invested the apostle's language with far greater distinctness and force than it can have worn to his own contemporaries. Any exposition of the nervous system more especially reads like a commentary on the image of the relations between the body and the head. At every turn we meet with some fresh illustration which kindles it with a flood of light. The volition communicated from the brain to the limbs, the sensations of the extremities telegraphed back to the brain, the absolute mutual sympathy between the head and the members, the instantaneous paralysis ensuing, on the interruption of continuity, all these add to the completeness and life of the image” (Lightfoot).