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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 2:2 - 2:2

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Comforted (παρακληθῶσιν)

Not so much tranquilized as braced. See on Joh 14:16.

Knit together (συμβιβασθέντες)

See on proving, Act 9:22. In the Septuagint it means to instruct, as Exo 18:16; Deu 4:9; Isa 40:13 (compare 1Co 2:16); Psa 31:8. Used of putting together in one's mind, and so to conclude by comparison. Thus Act 16:10, assuredly gathering, Rev., concluding.

Full assurance (πληροφορίας)

Or fullness. See Heb 6:11; Heb 10:22.

Of understanding (συνέσεως)

See on Mar 12:33; see on Luk 2:47.

To the acknowledgment (εἰς ἐπίγνωσιν)

Wrong. Ἑπίγνωσις is the full knowledge, as Col 1:9 (note). Rev., that they may know.

Of God

The best textual authorities add Χριστοῦ of Christ. So Rev., of God, even Christ. Christ is in apposition with mystery. Compare Col 1:27.