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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 3:23 - 3:23

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Ye do - do it (ποιῆτε - ἐργάζεσθε)

Rev., correctly, ye do - work; the latter being the stronger term as opposed to idleness. See on Jam 2:9. An idle man may do. Compare ἐργασία diligence, Luk 12:58.

Heartily (ἐκ ψυχῆς)

Lit., from the soul. With a personal interest. Note that the apostle uses both heart (καρδίας, Col 3:22) and soul (ψυχῆς); and in Eph 6:7, adds μετ' εὐνοίας with good disposition (A.V., good will). See on Rom 11:3; see on Rom 7:23; see on Rom 1:21. Compare σύμψυχοι of one accord, Phi 2:2; ἰσόψυχον like-minded, Phi 2:20; μιᾷ ψυχῇ with one mind, Phi 1:27.