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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 3:25 - 3:25

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He that doeth wrong (ὁ ἀδικῶν)

Compare Phm 1:18. The reference is primarily to the slave; but the following clause extends it to the master. If the slave do wrong, he shall be punished; but the master who does wrong will not be excused, for there is no respect of persons. Tychicus, who carried this letter to Colossae, carried at the same time the letter to Philemon, and escorted Onesimns to his master.

Shall receive (κομίσεται)

See on 1Pe 1:8. Compare Eph 6:8.

Respect of persons

See on Jam 2:1. In the Old Testament it has, more commonly, a good sense, of kindly reception, favorable regard. In the New Testament always a bad sense, which came to it through the meaning of mask which attached to πρόσωπον face.