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Vincent Word Studies - Colossians 4:12 - 4:12

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Laboring fervently (ἀγωνιζόμενος)

Rev., striving. See on Col 1:29; see on Col 2:1. Compare Rom 15:30.

Perfect (τέλειοι)

See on 1Co 2:6, 1Co 2:7; see on 1Co 1:28.

Complete (πεπληροφορημένοι)

See on most surely believed, Luk 1:1; and compare full assurance, Col 2:2. Rev., fully assured.

In all the will (ἐν παντὶ θελήματι)

Lit., in every will. Will means the thing willed, as Luk 12:47; James 5:30; 1Th 5:18. Hence used sometimes in the plural, as Act 13:22, shall do all my will (θελήματα), i.e., perform all the things willed by me. Eph 2:3, desires, strictly willings. So here the sense is, everything willed by God. The connection is apparently with σταθῆτε ye may stand. For a similar construction see Joh 8:44; Rom 5:2; 1Co 15:1; 1Co 16:13. As Meyer observes, this connection gives stand both a modal definition (perfect and fully assured) and a local definition (in all the will).