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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 1:14 - 1:14

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Profited (προέκοπτον)

Better, advanced. See on is far spent, Rom 13:12. Paul means that he outstripped his Jewish contemporaries in distinctively Jewish culture, zeal, and activity. Comp. Phi 3:4-6.

Equals (συνηλικιώτας)

N.T.o. The A.V. is indefinite. The meaning is equals in age. So Rev., of mine own age.

Nation (γένει)

Race. Not sect of the Pharisees. Comp. Phi 3:5; 2Co 11:26; Rom 9:3.

Zealous (ζηλωτὴς)

Lit. a zealot. The extreme party of the Pharisees called themselves “zealots of the law”; “zealots of God.” See on Simon the Canaanite, Mar 3:18. Paul describes himself under this name in his speech on the stairs, Act 22:3. Comp. Phi 3:5, Phi 3:6.

Traditions (παραδόσεων)

The Pharisaic traditions which had been engrafted on the law. See Mat 15:2, Mat 15:6; Mar 7:3, Mar 7:13, and on 2Th 2:15.