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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 2:13 - 2:13

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Dissembled with him (συνυπεκρίθησαν)

N.T.o. Peter's course influenced the other Jewish Christians as Antioch, who had previously followed his example in eating with Gentiles.

Was carried away (συναπήχθη)

Lit. was carried away with them (συν). In Paul only here and Rom 12:16, on which see note. In lxx once, Exo 14:6.

With their dissimulation (αὐτῶν τῇ ὑποκρίσει)

Not to or over to their dissimulation. Paul uses a strong word, which is employed only in 1Ti 4:2. The kindred verb ὑποκρίνεσθαι to play a part, and the noun ὑποκριτής hypocrisy do not occur in his letters. Their act was hypocrisy, because it was a concealment of their own more liberal conviction, and an open profession of still adhering to the narrow Pharisaic view. It was “a practical denial of their better spiritual insight” (Wieseler).