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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 2:14 - 2:14

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Walked not uprightly (ὀρθοποδοῦσιν)

Lit. are not walking. N.T.o. olxx. oClass. Lit. to be straight-footed.

Being a Jew (ὑπάρχων)

The verb means originally to begin; thence to come forth, be at hand, be in existence. It is sometimes claimed that ὑπάρχειν as distinguished from εἶναι implies an antecedent condition - being originally. That is true in some cases. But, on the other hand, it sometimes denotes a present as related to a future condition. The most that can be said is that it often is found simply in the sense of to be.

Livest after the manner of Gentiles (ἐθνικῶς ζῇς)

Ἑθνικῶς, N.T.o. The force of the present livest must not be pressed. The reference is not strictly temporal, either as referring to Peter's former intercourse with the Gentile Christians, or as indicating that he was now associating with them at table. It is rather the statement of a general principle. If you, at whatever time, act on the principle of living according to Gentile usage. At the time of Paul's address to Peter, Peter was living after the manner of Jews (Ἱουδαΐκῶς).

Compellest (ἀναγκάζεις)

Indirect compulsion exerted by Peter's example. Not that he directly imposed Jewish separatism on the Gentile converts.

To live as do the Jews (Ἱουδαΐ̀ζειν)

N.T.o. Once in lxx, Est 8:17. Also in Joseph. B. J. 2:18, 2, and Plut. Cic. 7. It is used by Ignatius, Magn. x. Χριστιανίζειν to practice Christianity occurs in Origen.