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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 2:19 - 2:19

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For (γὰρ)

Justifying the previous thought that the reerection of the law as a standard of Christian life and a means of justification is a condemnation of the faith which relies on Christ alone for righteousness.

I, through the law, am dead to the law (ἐγὼ διὰ νόμου νόμῳ ἀπέθανον)

For am dead, render died. Faith in Christ created a complete and irreparable break with the law which is described as death to the law. Comp. Rom 7:4, Rom 7:6. The law itself was the instrument of this break, see next verse Ἑγὼ is emphatic. Paul appeals to his personal experience, his decided break with the law in contrast with Peter's vacillation.

Might live unto God (θεῷ ζήσω)

With death to the law a new principle of life entered. For the phrase, see Rom 6:10, Rom 6:11.