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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 5:10 - 5:10

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In the Lord

Const. with I have confidence.

Will be - minded (φρονήσετε)

The word denotes a general disposition of the mind rather than a specific act of thought directed at a given point. Comp. Phi 3:15, Phi 3:19; Phi 4:2; Rom 8:5; Rom 11:20; 1Co 13:11 : and φρόνημα mind, Rom 8:6, Rom 8:7, Rom 8:27. In Class. often with εὖ well, καλῶς honorably, ὀρθῶς rightly, κακῶς mischievously. Τά τινος φρονεῖν is to be of one's party.

He that troubleth (ὁ αράσσων)

Comp. Gal 1:7. Not with reference to any particular individual, as Peter or James (Lipsius), but generally, of any possible person, “whoever he may be.” The verb is used by Paul only in this Epistle, and refers to disturbance of faith or unity.