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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 5:12 - 5:12

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They were cut off (ἀποκόψονται)

More correctly, would cut themselves off. Perhaps the severest expression in Paul's Epistles. It turns on the practice of circumcision. Paul says in effect: “These people are disturbing you by insisting on circumcision. I would that they would make thorough work of it in their own case, and, instead of merely amputating the foreskin, would castrate themselves, as heathen priests do. Perhaps that would be even a more powerful help to salvation.” With this passage should be compared Phi 3:2, Phi 3:3, also aimed at the Judaisers: “Beware of the concision” (τὴν κατατομήν), the word directing attention to the fact that these persons had no right to claim circumcision in the true sense. Unaccompanied by faith, love, and obedience, circumcision was no more than physical mutilation. They belonged in the category of those referred to in Lev 21:5. Comp. Paul's words on the true circumcision, Rom 2:28, Rom 2:29; Phi 3:3; Col 2:11.

Which trouble (ἀναστατοῦντες)

Only here in Paul, and twice elsewhere, Act 17:6; Act 21:38. olxx. Stronger than ταράσσειν disturb. Rather to upset or overthrow. The usual phrase in Class. is ἀνάστατον ποιεῖν to make an upset. Used of driving out from home, ruining a city or country. See on madest an uproar, Act 21:38. Rev. unsettle is too weak.