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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 5:20 - 5:20

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Witchcraft (φαρμακία)

Or sorcery. Elsewhere only Rev 18:23. From φάρμακον a drug. In lxx, see Exo 7:11; Wisd. 12:4; Isa 47:9. Comp. Act 19:19, περίεργα curious arts, note.

Wrath (θυμοί)

Lit. wraths. See on Joh 3:36.

Strife (ἐριθίαι)

More correctly, factions. From ἔριθος a hired servant. Ἑριθία is, primarily, labor for hire (see Tob. 2:11), and is applied to those who serve in official positions for hire or for other selfish purposes, and, in order to gain their ends, promote party spirit or faction.

Seditions (διχοστασίαι)

Better, divisions. Only here and Rom 16:17. Once in lxx, 1 Macc. 3:29.

Heresies (αἱρέσεις)

In Paul only here and 1Co 11:19. See on 2Pe 2:1. Parties, into which divisions crystallize.