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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 5:25 - 5:25

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Lipsius makes this verse the beginning of ch. 6. Weizsäcker begins that chapter with Gal 5:26. There seems to be no sufficient reason. Gal 5:25 is connected naturally with the immediately preceding line of thought. “Such being your principle of life, adapt your conduct (walk) to it.” The hortatory form of Gal 5:26, and its contents, fall in naturally with the exhortation to walk by the Spirit, and with the reference to biting and devouring, Gal 5:15, and envyings, Gal 5:21. The connection of the opening of ch. 6 with the close of ch. 5 is not so manifest; and the address brethren and the change to the second person (Gal 6:1) seem to indicate a new section.

In the Spirit (πνεύματι)

Better, by the Spirit, the dative being instrumental as Gal 5:16.

Walk (στοιχῶμεν)

A different word from that in Gal 5:16. Only in Paul, except Act 21:24. From στοίχος a row. Hence, to walk in line; to march in battle order (Xen. Cyr. vi. 3, 34). Συνστοιχεῖ answereth to, Gal 4:25 (note). See also on στοιχεία elements, Gal 4:3. Paul uses it very graphically, of falling into line with Abraham's faith, Rom 4:12.