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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 5:26 - 5:26

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Desirous of vainglory (κενόδοξοι)

N.T.o. Better, vainglorious. The noun κενοδοξία vainglory only Phi 2:3. In lxx see Wisd. 14:14; 4 Macc. 2:15; 8:18. Originally, vain opinion, error. Ignatius, Magn. xi., speaks of falling into ἄγκιστρα τῆς κενοδοξίας the hooks or clutches of error. Δόξα has not the sense of opinion in N.T., but that of reputation, glory. This compound means having a vain conceit of possessing a rightful claim to honor. Suidas defines any vain thinking about one's self. It implies a contrast with the state of mind which seeks the glory of God. The modes in which vainglory may show itself are pointed out in the two following participles, provoking and envying.

Provoking (προκαλούμενοι)

N.T.o. lxx, only 2 Macc. 8:11. Lit. calling forth, challenging, and so stirring up strife. Very common in Class.