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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 5:3 - 5:3

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Again (πάλιν)

Probably with reference to what he had said at his last visit.

Every man

Emphasizing and particularising the general to you, you, in Gal 5:2.

A debtor (ὀφειλέτης)

In N.T. mostly of one under moral obligation. So in the sense of sinner, Mat 6:12; Luk 13:4. Comp. Rom 1:14; Rom 8:12. Similarly the verb ὀφείλειν to owe, as Luk 11:4; Luk 17:10; Rom 15:1, etc., though it is frequent in the literal sense.

To do the law (ποιῆσαι)

Rare in N.T. See Joh 7:19; Rom 2:13, Rom 2:25 (πράσσῃς). Τηρεῖν to observe the law, the tradition, the commandment, Mat 19:17; Mar 7:9; Joh 14:15; Act 15:5 Jam 2:10 : πληροῦν to fulfill the law, Rom 13:8; Gal 5:14; comp. ἀναπληροῦν Gal 6:2 : φυλάσσειν to keep or guard the law, Act 7:53; Act 21:24; Gal 6:13 : also with commandments, word of God or of Christ, ordinances of the law, Mat 19:20; Mar 10:20; Luk 11:28; Joh 12:47; Rom 2:26. Τελεῖν to carry out the law, Rom 2:27; Jam 2:8. Ποιῆσαι is to perform what the law commands: τηρεῖν to observe, keep an eye on with the result of performing: φυλάσσειν to guard against violation: τελεῖν to bring to fulfillment in action.

The whole law (ὅλον)

Comp. Jam 2:10. Submission to circumcision commits one to the whole law. It makes him a party to the covenant of the law, and the law requires of every one thus committed a perfect fulfillment, Gal 3:10.