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Vincent Word Studies - Galatians 5:5 - 5:5

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For we (ἡμεῖς γὰρ)

Γὰρ for introduces a proof of the preceding statement, by declaring the contrary attitude of those who continue under the economy of grace. Ye who seek to be justified by the law are fallen from grace; for we, not relying on the law, by faith wait for the hope of righteousness.

Through the Spirit (πνεύματι)

The Holy Spirit who inspires our faith. Not as Lightfoot, spiritually. The words πνεύματι ἐκ πίστεως are not to be taken as one conception, the Spirit which is of faith, but present two distinct and coordinate facts which characterize the waiting for the hope of righteousness; namely, the agency of the Holy Spirit, in contrast with the flesh (comp. Rom 7:6; Rom 8:4, Rom 8:15, Rom 8:16; Eph 1:13; Eph 2:22), and faith in contrast with the works of the law (comp. Gal 3:3, and see Gal 2:16; Gal 3:3; Rom 1:17; Rom 3:22; Rom 9:30; Rom 10:6).

By faith (ἐκ πίστεως)

Const. with wait, not with righteousness.

Wait for (ἀπεκδεχόμεθα)

Quite often in Paul, and only twice elsewhere, Heb 9:28; 1Pe 3:20. See on Phi 3:20.

The hope of righteousness (ἐπίδα δικαιοσύνης)

Hope for the object of hope, as Rom 8:24; Col 1:5; Heb 6:18; Tit 2:13. The phrase means that good which righteousness causes us to hope for. Comp. hope of the calling (Eph 1:18; Eph 4:4): hope of the gospel (Col 1:23).