Vincent Word Studies - James 1:27 - 1:27

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Vincent Word Studies - James 1:27 - 1:27

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Undefiled (ἀμίαντος)

See on 1Pe 1:4. The two adjectives, pure and undefiled, present the positive and negative sides of purity.

To visit (ἐπισκέπτεσθαι)

See on Mat 25:36. James strikes a downright blow here at ministry by proxy, or by mere gifts of money. Pure and undefiled religion demands personal contact with the world's sorrow: to visit the afflicted, and to visit them in their affliction. “The rich man, prodigal of money, which is to him of little value, but altogether incapable of devoting any personal attention to the object of his alms, often injures society by his donations; but this is rarely the case with that far nobler charity which makes men familiar with the haunts of wretchedness, and follows the object of its care through all the phases of his life” (Lecky, “History of European Morals,” ii., 98).

To keep (τηρεῖν)

See on 1Pe 1:4.

Unspotted (ἄσπιλον)

See on 1Pe 1:19.