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Vincent Word Studies - James 2:25 - 2:25

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Also referred to in Heb 11:31, among the examples of faith. Dante places her in the third heaven:

“Thou fain wouldst know who is within this light

That here beside me thus is scintillating,

Even as a sunbeam in the limpid water.

Then know thou, that within there is at rest

Rahab, and being to our order joined,

With her in its supremest grade 'tis sealed.

· · · · · ·

First of Christ's Triumph was she taken up.

Full meet it was to leave her in some heaven,

Even as a palm of the high victory

Which he acquired with one palm and the other,

Because she favored the first glorious deed

Of Joshua upon the Holy Land.”

Paradise, ix., 112-125.

Rahab became the wife of Salmon, and the ancestress of Boaz, Jesse's grandfather. Some have supposed that Salmon was one of the spies whose life she saved. At any rate, she became the mother of the line of David and of Christ, and is so recorded in Matthew's genealogy of our Lord, in which only four women are named. There is a peculiar significance in this selection of Rahab with Abraham as an example of faith, by James the Lord's brother.

Sent them out (ἐκβαλοῦσα)

Better, thrust them forth, implying haste and fear. Compare Mar 1:12; Luk 4:29; Act 16:37.

Another way

Than that by which they entered. Through the window. See Jos 2:15.