Vincent Word Studies - James 2:7 - 2:7

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Vincent Word Studies - James 2:7 - 2:7

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They (αὐτοὶ)

Emphatic. “Is it not they who blaspheme?”

Worthy (καλὸν)

Rev., better, because stronger, honorable. By this epithet the disgracefulness of the blasphemy is emphasized.

By the which ye are called (τὸ ἐπικληθὲν ἐφ' ὑμᾶς)

Lit., which is called upon you; the name of Christ, invoked in baptism. The phrase is an Old-Testament one. See Deu 28:10, where the Septuagint reads that the name of the Lord has been called upon race. Also, 2Ch 7:14; Isa 4:1. Compare Act 15:17.