Vincent Word Studies - James 3:16 - 3:16

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Vincent Word Studies - James 3:16 - 3:16

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Confusion (ἀκαταστασία)

See on restless, Jam 3:8.

Evil (φαῦλον)

An inadequate rendering, because it fails to bring out the particular phase of evil which is dominant in the word: worthlessness, good-for-nothingness. In classical Greek it has the meanings slight, trivial, paltry, which run into bad. In the New Testament it appears in this latest stage, and is set over against good. See Joh 3:20; Joh 5:29; Tit 2:8. Rev., vile, which, according to its etymology, Lat., vilis, follows the same process of development from cheap, or paltry, to bad.