Vincent Word Studies - James 3:4 - 3:4

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Vincent Word Studies - James 3:4 - 3:4

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The ships

See Introduction, on James' local allusions. Dean Howson observes that “there is more imagery drawn from mere natural phenomena in the one short epistle of James than in all St. Paul's epistles put together.”

So great

As the ship which conveyed Paul to Malta, which contained two hundred and seventy-six persons (Act 27:37).

Fierce (σκληρῶν)

More literally, and better, as Rev., rough. The word primarily means hard, harsh

Helm (πηδαλίου)

Better, rudder, as Rev. The rudder was an oar worked by a handle. Helm and rudder were thus one. The word occurs only here and Act 27:40.

The governor listeth (ἡ ὁρμὴ τοῦ εὐθύνοντες βούλεται)

Lit., the impulse or desire of the steersman wisheth. Ὁρμὴ, impulse, only here and Act 14:5, of an assault, onset.

The governor (τοῦ εὐθύνοντος)

Rev., steersman. Lit., of him who is guiding. Only here and Joh 1:23. From εὐθύς straight.