Vincent Word Studies - James 3:8 - 3:8

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Vincent Word Studies - James 3:8 - 3:8

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No man (οὐδεὶς ἀνθρώπων)

A strong expression. Lit., no on of men.

Unruly (ἀκατάσχετον)

Lit., not to be held back. The proper reading, however, is ἀκατάστατον, unsettled. See on καθίσταται, hath its place, Jam 3:6. Rev., correctly, restless.

Deadly (θανατηφόρου)

Lit., death-bearing, or-bringing. Only here in New Testament.

Poison (ἰοῦ)

Rendered rust at Jam 5:3; and found only in these two passages and in Rom 3:13, in the citation of Psa 140:3.